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Lo mejor de la #ManoNegra


Lo mejor de la #ManoNegra

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Game of Thrones House Banners - by Justin Conway

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Movie Bad Guys : by Arthur Mask

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Pulp Fiction - by Max Dalton

Artist: Website || Twitter || Blog

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Friggin Awesome.


Steampunk Transformers

Created by Brian Kesinger

T-shirts available at Welovefine

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“Angry Birds Artists Series” - Illustrations by Sam Spratt

A ways back, Rovio commissioned me to create a series of illustrations based on their characters from a certain bajillion-selling game series. These are the first 4 illustrations (Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, and King Pig), with more to be revealed in the future.

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Andy Helms’ (Ok Totally) awesome collection of Metal Gear Solid 3 gif’s. One of my favorite games of all time. You all should really get hip to this man’s jive!

I want every one of these as a print and/or coaster in my home!

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First Gen Starters

(Tim Burton Inspired Pokémon Re-Designs)

First generation starters are done! Whew!

I can’t believe the response this little side-project has gotten though. Crazy! Thanks a lot guys!

And yes, I was planning to finish the 151 at the very least. But I’m pretty busy most of the time so I can’t post these regularly. But I will update when I can. :)

Also, I’ll be responding to the messages some of you have sent… eventually.